Harrison Ford lucky to crash on golf course!

operationmanCodeRedHarrison Ford crash-landed his vintage airplane on a golf course just short of the Santa Monica Municipal Airport yesterday after experiencing engine failure. Reports state that “a couple of doctors” were near-by and cared for the 72-year-old movie star until paramedics arrived.

What the news reports didn’t mention was how fortunate Ford was to have crashed on a golf course. A lawyer who was teeing off on the ninth hole stated, “Other than crashing his plane directly into a hospital, a golf course has more doctors per square foot than any other place on earth.”

Even before the plane came to stop, a mass of physicians responded from all over the golf course and surrounded the plane. The shiver of lawyers who materialized at the crash site were left to circling the accident scene in golf carts while the three deep ring of doctors cared for Ford. Ford not only received a complete head to toe physical examination, he also got five botox injections, a non-surgical chin lift, a kidney stone removed, three fentanyl patches applied, two skin tags removed, a complete cardiac workup and a pap smear.

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13 thoughts on “Harrison Ford lucky to crash on golf course!”

    1. Well you know, ego rears its ugly head in all professions…and OBGYN’s pay some of the highest malpractice premiums in medicine so maybe there’s an anger management issue. There’s just so many factors to figure in. What was the GYN’s handicap that day, did the other doctors taunt him OH AND Harrison Ford was confused, saying “Where am I?”
      When opportunity knocks as they say…the good thing is that we know Ford doesn’t have cervical cancer…..right?

    1. Suzette is right. In fact, there’s been a rash of small planes crashing on golf courses filled with people who don’t have health insurance.

  1. And this is why you know this man has the Midas touch. Everyone thought the US Air captain was lucky landing in the Hudson; he has nothing on Ford. Imagine all those doctors on a golf course? Who would have thunk it? Loved this Mike!

  2. He’s a lucky man. His pilot said uuuuuuuuur-ahhhhrrrrrr-uhrrrr-ahhhhrr.

      1. You’re right Mark, Ford was flying alone. Did you hear the ATC comm with Ford. One news disservice said how calm Ford was on the radio. BS! He didn’t sound calm to me at all. Busy for sure but not calm.

          1. And a fine art it is huh Mark! It really does help though. If you can be the calmest person in the room or at least SOUND like you’re the calmest in the room, it helps everyone else to calm things down too.

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