Is It Art?

Questionable Shed Art

My husband finally decided to clean the tool shed windows when I was summoned outside:

Hubs:  Poppet would you come outside please.

Me: Why?

Hubs: I need your artistic opinion.

Me: ——–?

Hubs: It’ll only take a second.

Me:  Hmm, okay?

Hubs: [pointing to the bird poop on the shed window] doesn’t this look like an abstract art form?

Me: ———!?!

Me: [sarcastically speaking] Yes it does. I think it looks a lot like Jackson Pollock’s earlier work.

Hubs: . . . so it is crap, huh?

Me: Just clean the windows!



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8 thoughts on “Is It Art?”

    1. I agree Bill Y. However, the more I stare at it, it looks like a head shot of a drunken Big Foot!

  1. I have some kitty footprints on my back door, which is mostly window glass. Does that count as art? I would love to have a reason not to wash my windows! 😉

    1. Kitty paw art is acceptable Kathy! Now, bird crap that’s an entirely difference story! 😉

    1. True Donna, but Frankie and Lulu are true artists! I think this work is called, “Birdque Diarrheaia” 😉

  2. I think that beneath the design I can see the artist’s pane.

    Is it art? I’m not sure—but it looks pretty slick to me.

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