They Said I Said WHO Said?

288729371I love when people start a conversation with “They Said” and continue to voice their opinions, thought, quotes, etc.  I’ve often wondered who these elusive “they” people are.

For example a “they said” incident at a local store:

Them: This product is 20% off correct?

Me: No, it’s full price.

Them: Well, they said it was 20% off.

Me: Oh okay, I know who they are – they were fired for misinformation.

Them:  [puzzled] But, but they told me I could get it at a discounted price if I asked so I’m asking. Can I speak with someone else about this?

Me: Can you? Of course you can, let me see if they are in [looking around] nope they went home early – sorry.

Them: [getting very annoyed]: Went home early? They have some nerve!

Me:  They sure do . . .  if they actually gave a shit about your discount.  But they don’t because they were fired, remember – focus.

Them: [spotting an employee] I’m going to report you to your supervisor!

Me: What every floats your boat toots, however, I doubt if they will care [me exiting the store].

Them: [grabbing the arm of employee] I want to report that employee and I want to speak to her supervisor! She wouldn’t give me my discount and told me they were fired for giving incorrect information and then she walked out of the store!  Are all of your employees this rude!?!

Employee: [confused] Ma’am . . . she doesn’t work here, neither do they, whoever they are.

So remember, always make sure who they are before asking about discounts, because they may be working for the Department of They Couldn’t Care Less.


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9 thoughts on “They Said I Said WHO Said?”

  1. This is what happens Debbsies in this “us” and “them” world that we live in.

    1. Yes Bill Y! Thank goodness you and I live in our own perfect little world where nothing makes sense and that’s the way we like it! 😉

    1. Ah yes Kathy, they are the people who look at a first floor staircase and ask, “Is this how we get to the second floor?” Facepalm!

      1. Reply:

        “No, that staircase is just there for ambiance. You have to go outside and climb up the wall.”

    1. Yep Forrest! I’m with you on this one. Usually the studies are done by Slappy the Fish Bait guy!

  2. Great. Great. Great. So true. There is a woman who tries to bolster her position by saying, “People have said to me…” or “some people want me to tell you,” or “Lots of people don’t agree and have told me…”

    Sheesh, am I talking to the mayor? Who is this captain of industry who speaks on behalf of “them all the time?”

    Out there, you know who you are…

    1. LOL, yes I do Suzette and those same people say,”We asked America what they thought and they said . . .” Like America is a person! It drives me crazy!!

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