Your pain lesson for the day

I proved I was over my sinus infection yesterday by going out and doing four hours of yard work. Even better, I have a brand new hedge trimmer that’s tiny and lightweight, so I could pretend I was lumberjack swinging around a heavy tool, but not actually get overworked.

First, I’m not over the sinus infection.

Second, no matter how lightweight your hedge trimmer is, swinging it around for four hours after not doing that work all year WILL lead to screaming muscle and back pain.

This has been your lesson for the day. My lesson is that you should do yard work more than once a year.

hedge trimmer

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6 thoughts on “Your pain lesson for the day”

  1. That’s an accident waiting to happen to any unfortunate soul that just happens to be passing by.

    1. I have a better idea: Do no yard work at all, ever. Let it grow. I mean, that’s natural, right? And natural is good–more foliage breathing in CO2 and breathing out oxygen, more shelter for the little animals …

      But I left out any mention of the grass, because if you don’t mow your lawn now and then they come after you. Or so I’ve heard.

  2. Next time, you might want to PAY someone to do the work. You could get the money out of your hedge fund.

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