Bipartisan Parmesan: The Cheesy Side of Politics: Lever No. 9

cheesypolitics1After his completely unexpected popularity American voters are seriously curious as to whom Presidential Candidate, Da’Chump will choose as his Vice President.  After careful contemplation and consideration his choice became obvious.













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6 thoughts on “Bipartisan Parmesan: The Cheesy Side of Politics: Lever No. 9”

    1. Yep Donna, if he could date himself and openly says he would date his daughter at the same time . . . well you know, he’s bat$hit crazy!! Flip-Flop insane!!

  1. I don’t know much about the hair-raising politics over there but I read this week that Mexico seem to have a good idea!

    1. Yes Bill Y, even Mexico is confused by his flip-flop endorsements. Hillary C is probably picking the petals from her daisy saying, “He loves me, he loves me not.”

    1. I’ve had your pancakes Pete and I totally agree with your flipping skills, lol!

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