Friday Humor Devotional

corporal1Dear Lord, please forgive my outburst of profanity towards my cat and her sadistic sense humor.  I put on my favorite pair of Sunday church shoes only to find a dead mouse she’d dropped into them.  It wasn’t funny! However, she found my apoplectic attempts to kick the shoe off quite amusing.  Amen










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8 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. I will pray for her prey, but not for evil Fat cat! No one sits on my couch and mocks me! 😉

  1. I’m going to ask you a question Debs and I want you to think carefully before you answer: Are you sure that’s a cat?

    1. Yes Bill Y, she’s a cat, a fat cat, an evil cat that thinks its funny to scare the bejeeesus out of me!

  2. At least your cat does her part around the house and kills mice. My cat would probably half-kill the mouse, then call for me to come and finish the job.

    Fortunately for both of us, we don’t get mice here, just occasional bugs.

    1. There are times she catches one and shows it off. Thank goodness she didn’t play tooth fairy and leave it on our pillows! Ewww!

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