Lunch with the Walkers

TWD Credit: Gene PageAMC
“Hey everybody, the buffet is opening with today’s special Leg of Bob!”

When one has lunch with Walkers
It’s not what you’d expect
They have no table manners
They’ll bite you in the neck

When one has lunch with Walkers
it’s wise to bring a knife
to thrust between their ear and skull
Or else they’ll eat your wife

When one has lunch with Walkers
They gobble up their food
They’ll gorge themselves on arms and legs
And won’t think that it’s rude

So, when one has lunch with Walkers
Said Daryl, Carl and Rick
They groan and  moan and walk away
And leave you with the tip

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4 thoughts on “Lunch with the Walkers”

    1. Yes it is Bill Y and he’s a ponderable for you. Why aren’t there any vegan zombies? Would they be called, “Vegetation Assassins”? 😉

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