6 thoughts on “That awkward moment when you’re given one sauce for 20 nuggets…”

  1. Bill Y, I have had up front and personal meeting with the drive-thru person on one or two occasions. I think if you don’t get out of your car, they don’t take you seriously?

    1. I hear you Don Don’s. There a certain etiquette that needs to be followed in these circumstances.

  2. “Let me ask you something: Why’d y’all start spelling ‘through’ ‘thru’? It can’t be because it takes up less space on signs because if that were the reason, you’d’ve called it a ‘drive BY’ or ‘drive UP’ window. Two letters instead of four.

    You don’t drive THROUGH the window.”

    1. I don’t know Bill. If I get one sauce for 20 nuggets, I’m breakin’ on thru to the other side. break on thru, break on thru, yeah.

    1. Now Kathy Minicozzi, you know only too well that that’s a math question and Bill Y can’t wrap his head around that world, at all, at all 🙂

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