Unsolved Musical Mysteries – The Flip Side


The other day Elvis and I (no, he’s not dead, he’s alive and well living in Scranton, PA) were contemplating, what if he could help falling in love with you?  What if Pharrell never got happy?  What if Rick Springfield never wished he had Jessie’s Girl?  What if Kenny Loggins never got Footloose?  What if Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi never took away her old man?  What if Hank Williams, Jr.s’ friends didn’t want to get rowdy and come over tonight?  What it The Diana Ross and the Supremes hurried love?  What if Garth Brooks didn’t have friends in low places?  What if it wasn’t hot in here and Nelly asked her not to take off all her clothes? What if Itsy, Bitsy Spider never climbed up the water spout?  What if Adele never said hello from the other side?  What if the Monkees never took the train to Clarksville or weren’t believers?  What is Led Zeppelin never climbed that stairway to heaven?  And last, but not least, what if the Black Eyed Peas never Boom Boom Powed?  Thank you, thank you very much.



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8 thoughts on “Unsolved Musical Mysteries – The Flip Side”

  1. I’m just happy to know that I’m not the only one who is in regular contact with Elvis.

    1. I agree Bill Y in fact he asked if you’re still annoyed with Jovi? I joyfully said yes! 😉

  2. What if Richie Valens never had a girl named Donna? What if Billy Joel’s Anthony never worked in a grocery store?

    The mind boggles!

    1. Yes, this is true Bill and some songs need to die because it’s a small world after all . . . it’s a small, small world. 😉

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