Young Thirsty Dave is awash with good ideas.

When young Thirsty Dave asked the dietician for a good source of vitamin B6; potassium; copper; vitamin C; manganese; phosphorus; niacin; dietary fiber; and pantothenic acid, he was advised to consume as much potatoes as possible. He decided to crack open a cold one, let the advice sink in and do exactly what he was told for a change.


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10 thoughts on “Young Thirsty Dave is awash with good ideas.”

  1. If he isn’t careful, he’s going to end up burying himself waist-deep in the garden and sprouting roots.

    1. There is a school of thought out there (and “out there” also happens to be Thirsty Dave’s nickname) that maintains the thirsty one is at one with nature. If this is to be believed (and it’s not) the hat may have something to do with davy crockett!

  2. “Mr. Dave, I’m afraid I have some bad news: your lab results indicate your body is covered with tubers. . . . The good news is they’re benign.”

    1. The thirsty one would listen to what you are saying but he would only hear “tuberg” and not “tuber”.

  3. I guess he finds potatoes appealing.

    He looks baked.

    He’s so high he’s in orbit. They call him Spudnik.

    1. You might be on to something, Bill. We’ve been peeling him off the floor for many a year now.

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