Last Lesson of 2017: Twitter is No Joke

2017 has been a year of never ending surprises. In science, our new administration provided us with evidence-based proof that there is no depth to which a bar can’t be lowered. In the arts, actor Kevin Spacey showed us that it was possible for him to be even more annoying than breaking the fourth wall in every episode. In religion, the Israelis and Palestinians finally patched up their petty little differences. Now that I’ve got your attention, we need to talk about social media.

Many of us take to Twitter to make silly little jokes with the goal of providing entertainment to others. If you’re lazy like me, you check which hashtags are trending and craft a quick quip for a built-in audience. The responses are hit and miss, sometimes the result of when we tweet, or more pointedly that we’re not quite as funny as we think we are. Twitter is not for the thin-skinned. Fully accepting this, I recently responded to a hashtag that read: #QuestionsForAProstitute. As usual, I was very proud of my first tweet: “What comes with the combo?” A few nice likes and retweets, after which a normal person would take the win and go on with the rest of his day. But not I. No, sir. I had one more #QuestionForAProstitute that I deemed even more clever than the first. How could I walk away from: “Do you feel you’ll be helped or hurt by the new tax bill?” Applauding myself for the sly juxtaposition of turgid public policy with MILF three-ways. I expected the usual reactions — either “you’re so funny” or crickets. This is what I got instead…

Dec 29

Personally, hurt. It places a lot of undue burdens on small-business owners who arent LLCd or operating as S-Corps. Lots of folks will have to register in order to claim their proper deductions because they wont count any longer for personal income taxes.

Dec 29

I feel that it don’t have a big effect either way. Clients with money have money regardless. I’m not sure but I don’t think it with make much a difference.

Dec 29

Helped. More freedom and less government in people’s money means more for meeeeeeee

And so, my last lesson of 2017 is that thanks to tweeting what I thought was a joke, I learned a lot about the plight of the self-employed and made a whole bunch of new friends.

May 2018 be just as productive for all of us!

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