The Secrets of a Happy Marriage?

I was listening to the 60s channel on Sirius while driving today and they were honoring the institution of marriage. It seems that psychologists are looking for the reasons why couples seem to grow closer after they hit the 20-year mark. I can’t believe they need a study for this as I think the reason is clear.  See if you agree by taking my short scientific quiz:

My spouse and I are married more than 20 years and we believe the reason for our enduring happiness together is:

  • We communicate with each other paying special attention to each other’s moods and emotional needs.
  • We understand the complexities of what it means to be part of the special union known as marriage.
  • The kids are gone
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5 thoughts on “The Secrets of a Happy Marriage?”

  1. Pro Tip: Imaginary kids leave home when you want them to leave home!

  2. I understand that the phrase “plight one’s troth” refers to becoming engaged to be married. I don’t know what a troth is, but I think many people do understand the significance of “plight.”

  3. I agree. We’ve gotten to almost 50 years and still together. I like to say, 8 years of wedded bliss, not necessarily consecutive. 😉

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