Ambient Snow Noise

At my chiropractor’s the other day (her office, not her home), she was playing one of those ambient noise CDs that’s supposed to relax you. At the time she was pushing my spine into my sternum, so you can debate how effective it was; all I heard was the sound of my own screaming.

Still, it got me thinking. I’ve heard ambient noise soundtracks of babbling brooks, sea shores, gentle rain, birds chirping, distant thunder, and I’ve just now realized how very loud nature can be.

Basically you can get ambient noise from any season … except winter.

Why don’t they have any winter soundtracks?

Howling wind, scraping snow plows. The sound of cars skidding off the road. The noise of snowblowers, bodies falling, people cursing. Surely people would pay to hear something like that, if only in the middle of July.

I think I’ve just hit on a new idea. Maybe I should start wearing a body mic … I can put the recording on disks, and I’ll be rich.

Or at least make enough money to pay the chiropractor.



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8 thoughts on “Ambient Snow Noise”

  1. Get a couple of cameras in on this and Netflix will come a knocking.

  2. I’d buy one, Mark! I love the sound of snowplows going by. Beautiful photos, by the way.

    1. Oh, thanks! I have to admit, one was taken from my front door, and one from my back door. I actually like snow pictures, as long as I don’t have to be out in it!

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