Peeling Navel Oranges with Your Hands

This is the culprit!
There comes a time in the life of every overweight or diabetic person when we have to face the Big D: dieting. To satisfy that craving for something sweet, we find ourselves turning to healthy things like fresh fruit. And there is nothing as lovely as a good old orange, right?

You might find the taste of an orange exquisite. It’s sweet and juicy, two definite plusses. The problem is, it comes with skin. If you’re like me and prefer navel oranges, you have to deal with thick skin. Peeling this off to get to the sweetness within is an operation worthy of any good fruit surgeon.

You start by holding the orange and staring at it. This piece of fruit does not want to be peeled, and it will make it as hard as possible. When you try to pierce the skin with your fingernail, you find this out. You manage to get a small hole in it, but the skin refuses to allow you to peel it back. You take a table knife and cut a good-sized slit. This time, with great difficulty, you do manage to peel off a piece.

You slip your finger underneath the now opened skin, releasing some juice, which squirts you in the eye.

After you wash the juice from your eye, you continue with the hand-peeling operation. This takes many minutes. You get more juice all over your hands, which are going to smell like orange for the next several hours, even after you wash them.

You now have a wholly peeled orange ready to eat. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to break off the sections and neatly eat them. If not, you are going to get juice all over your face as well as your hands. However, the sweet taste almost makes up for the trouble you have taken.

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10 thoughts on “Peeling Navel Oranges with Your Hands”

  1. For fun- when you get done peeling grab a cigarette lighter hold a piece of the peel with the outer side above and facing the cigarette lighter and squeeze!

    Yeeeeeee!!!!! A mini flame thrower!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it really does shoot small flames!

  2. Hilary Krieger is trying to get the word “orbisculate” into the dictionary to refer to fruits squirting you in the eye, as in “That orange just orbisculated on you.”

  3. I love oranges too, but you have to be careful with that juice squirting, it’s dangerous!
    Actually I prefer thick skinned ones, I find them easier to peel than the thin skinned ones, which burst when you try to get the skin off, creating even more squirting juice, mega-dangerous!
    Worst of all though with those thin skinned oranges is that any slight nick or cut on your fingers only has to have a hint of juice and it starts to sting and burn. Washing the juice off might to some good eventually, but that stinging sensation takes a while to disappear.

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