Tomorrow Is World Leftovers Burrito Day

Feeding the world

Chosing the right, fresh ingredients and cooking to trusted recipes makes for a truly tasty burrito. These burritos so uplift your soul that you can face with a song in your heart at any horror that life might throw at you.

Then there are days when you open your fridge and discover 1,722,363 containers of leftovers. Voices from everyone of these leftovers squeak so piteously, “Please, please, I’m about to go bad. When I was a tiny seed, I fully expected to grow up to be an ingredient that would make a diner say, ‘Life is good. Life is so good.’ Now I’m just one day away from the trash bin. There’s lutefisk in that bin. Oh, the shame, the shame.”

Naturally, the mere fact that 1,722,363 containers squeaked at you, will startle you. However, the ernestness of their sorrow must melt your heart, even if you’re a brutal dictator.

So what do you do? Enter the mighty flour burrito. Put any number of forgotten fridge ingredients, perhaps ten, on the tortilla, fold in the sides, roll it up, and Bob’s your uncle, you made a large leftovers burrito. You may now give way to waves of virtue splashing over your soul as you’ve cleaned out your fridge to find Amelia Earhardt shivering. You’ve also put off a trip to the supermarket, thus slashing your food bill. And most of the fresh food that you delayed purchasing can now go to someone else who lives near you or even in far off Madagascar.

By constructing such a meal for World Leftovers Burrito Day, you will be feeding the world. You magnificent sunbeam, you.

– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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  1. I believe everything in this but at the end of it, I will have an empty fridge and I have serious issues with that.

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