The Hidden Timeline of Tom Jones’ “Delilah”

Delilah and Samson, the other man

Tom Jones was superb sing. His hit song, “Delilah,” tells how the protagonist sees Delilah with another man. Her dalliance enrages him to the point of murder. He knows the police will soon come for him, so he asks for forgiveness..

I feel that this tumultous relationship needs fleshing out. And in the vein of “why, why, why Delilah?” I offer the following timeline.

Sigh, sigh, sigh, Delilah (He sees Delilah and falls in love with her.)
Hi, hi, hi Delilah (He works up the courage to talk to her.)
Tie, Tie, tie Delilah (He takes her out to a fancy-dress restaurant.)
My, my, my Delilah (She falls in love with him and becomes his.)
Guy, guy, guy Delilah (The romance doesn’t last. He sees her with another man.)
Why, why, why Delilah? (He wants to know why.)
Fie, fie, fie Delilah (He’s getting upset with her.)
Lie, lie, lie Delilah (He doesn’t believe the man he saw with her is her cousin.)
Pie, pie, Delilah (He’s upset enough to throw a pie at her.)
Fly, fly, fly Delilah (He wants to kill her, but gives her chance to escape with her life.)
Die, die, die Delilah (She doesn’t flee. He yields to his rage and stabs her.)
Bye, bye, bye Delilah (He bids adieu to her inert body. She doesn’t respond.)
I’ll fry, fry, fry Delilah (He’s caught and convicted of murder. He gets the electric chair.)

Well, bummer.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.


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