So, My Dogs Sing Christmas Carols


As many of you know, the holiday season is a time of year when we all could use a few more hours in the day. Personally, I find it tough to write, meet deadlines and celebrate the holiday spirit. Luckily,  my dogs have been in a festive holiday spirit since we took their Christmas card photo last week.  So, as a gift from them to you, here is their own special Christmas Carol which they hope brings you good cheer and maybe a Hollywood contract to them.

Both dogs love Eartha Kitt’s version of “Santa Baby”. If you could all sing this piece in that deep, bluesy voice that she was so famous for, it might make this melody more fun. I know my girls like to sing it this way.

(Please sing to the tune of “Santa, Baby”)

I’m Frankie Baby — sending out my greetings to you – with LuLu
We want to send you some Happy Holidays Cheer
And hope you have a wonderful New Year.

I’m Frankie Baby; I’m knocking the ornaments off of the tree — Oh, Gee!
Mommy is pissed off at me I think
LuLu says I drive her to swear and drink

I’m Frankie Baby; I’ve broken out of the yard with LuLu- it’s true
I dug a tunnel under the fence and got free
I made LuLu come and explore with me

I’m Frankie baby, and Mom is chasing us down the street – with treats
hoping to bribe us and get us back in her car
before we get lost and run too far

I’m Frankie Baby and LuLu and I  are in a time out – but don’t pout
We still wish holiday fun for you
May Santa Paws make all your dreams come true


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