The War of the Invader

The stillness is disquieting – not even a television or a radio.  Even the cat is quietly napping on the couch, oblivious to the menace in the kitchen.  But I can see it, trying to hide behind the table, hypnotizing me with its steel-eyed stare.  I turn my eyes away, refusing to surrender to its power.

Carefully, one quiet step at a time, I creep into the kitchen, inching as far away from the monster as possible, keeping it at bay with my peripheral vision.  I quickly grab a weapon from the wall.  Thus armed, I face the horror by the table.  I hit it once, twice, three times.  I hit it again, over and over.  I rub it into the floor.  I hit it again, until it is dead, dead, dead!  Then I rub it again to get rid of the remains.

I bring my weapon into the bathroom and silently clean it under the faucet in the bathtub.

I have finally gotten rid of that grease stain on the kitchen floor.

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2 thoughts on “The War of the Invader”

    1. Hah! I decided to put into practice some of the techniques I learned in my Humor Writing Workshop. 😉

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