Awesome Business Idea #67


The other day I was in a store, looking for a carry-on item. You know, those tiny tubes of stuff sold at inflated prices that are allowable on airplane flights. Someday we’re gonna find out that the Director of Homeland Security is getting kickbacks from companies that make Mini-Me versions of health and beauty products.

The store had little tubes of toothpaste and shampoos. There were small bottles of hand lotion. But what was the one thing they didn’t have?

Yup, little three-ounce beers.

Think about how much a beer costs on a flight or in one of those airport bars where you hope the tipsy guy agreeing to “just one more” isn’t your pilot. It’s astronomical. But now picture yourself armed with four three-ounce mini-cans that cost a buck apiece. You’ve just saved five bucks on your twelve-ounce beer. And the brewer has made a nice profit as well.

Total win-win here.

And how cool would it be to have adorable little cans of Heineken that look just like the full-sized ones? Those things would quickly become collectors’ items.

Yes, someday the invisible hand of the marketplace will wave off the stewardess hovering near your seat with a list of rip-offs she calls a drink menu. And then reach it’ll reach into your pocket for a bunch of little cold ones.

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10 thoughts on “Awesome Business Idea #67”

  1. Great idea!

    But how are you going to get little cans of Bud or Heineken past the metal detectors?

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