Bob Marley

Like inevitability, some things are unavoidable. Thirsty Dave realized that vodka doesn’t freeze when he was 6 years into life. This was bound to happen sooner or later, it just so happened to happen sooner. Due to a little something called filthy greed, George Lucas was always going to ruin Star Wars with those pitiful prequels. It was just a matter of when he chose to forever scar the greatest cinematic trilogy that can only be mentioned in the company of the second greatest cinematic trilogy which just so happens to be Back to the Future. The printer in work was always jamming. Despite the precise, technical approach of constantly kicking it, it continued to jam. It was only a matter of time before it was given a certain name and I’m certain that we chose the right name for it:


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7 thoughts on “Bob Marley”

  1. Now that it has the name of a beloved dead singer, the machine will probably demand more respect. In other words, people should stop kicking it.

    1. Things have rapidly evolved. These days Bob Marley breaks into a reggae tune when it’s jammed and of course, we all know the tune it plays? That’s right, it’s the 1964 classic “I made a mistake”!

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