How can we be lovers, if we can’t be friends?

Although I’m as perfect as anybody can be, I do realize that you’re going to be jealous but that’s okay, you’ve good reason to be. Having said that, I don’t have all the answers even though you’re convinced that I do. I think it was a horrible singer who horribly sang “how can we be lovers if we can’t be friends?” and so began philosophy. The correlation between music and art is as old as the appreciation of fried chicken and that’s why we revisit it today:


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6 thoughts on “How can we be lovers, if we can’t be friends?”

    1. I totally agree. Music does get blamed for everything but as we all know, it isn’t anything that Bon Jovi are likely to produce!

  1. I think Music needs a toilet head swirly! And as Donna stated you DO know everything, so can you tell me where I left my glasses?

    1. You’re too kind Debs but I’m afraid Bill Y does not know where you left your glasses however I will look for them for you!

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