Kathy’s Points to Remember

Source:  Wikimedia Commons.  Author:  ParentingPatch
Source: Wikimedia Commons. Author: ParentingPatch
1. Leftover frozen yogurt that has been sitting in the freezer for two months after being opened isn’t the best choice for dessert.

2. If you have left ice cubes untouched in the freezer for so long that they have vaporized and disappeared, you have no basis for blaming anyone else for not filling the ice cube tray.

3. If it has white fuzz on it, it has been in the fridge too long.

4. For some weird reason, leftover spaghetti sauce tastes pretty good the next day, when it has been in the fridge for several hours. Nobody knows why this happens. The best thing to do is to heat it up with a couple of yesterday’s meatballs and not ask questions.

5. Don’t believe anyone who tells you you can cook meatballs in a microwave. Trust me. You will end up with meatballs, yes – but you will be able to bounce them off the floor.

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7 thoughts on “Kathy’s Points to Remember”

  1. All very good tips. It’s a shame it takes some of us 60 years to figure them out. I have another I’d like to add to your list (took me 60 years to figure this out – labeling the contents of items you put in the freezer (for what now appear to be obvious reasons).

  2. We use those rubber meatballs as edible kitty exercise equipment. They bounce pretty well, she get a good workout and afterwards a nice meal.

    1. Aha! Microwave mistake turned into kitty toy! Kitty would rather have that than a rolled up ball of toilet paper any day.

  3. Invaluable as usual. I think I’ll remember to cook meatballs in the microwave. I know it’s wrong to enjoy throwing food at people but it’s one of the few things that makes me happy so I won’t be stopping anytime soon!

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