Rev Those Engines!!


I’ve been looking for a good analogy for what’s been happening in DC. Yesterday I found it in a sports video.

You know those Monster Truck shows? Some guy drives what appears to be a tough-ass vehicle with huge tires. 110 % pure-man, the truck is bold, threatening, and rebellious. But that’s just the surface image — in reality it’s highly unstable and prone to roll-over accidents. The driver tells himself that he’s giving the fans exactly what they want, and the fans believe it.

There was a Monster Truck event in Mexico recently. A driver sped toward a pile of dead cars and launched off them into the air. For a few moments he was flying through the air perfectly, looking like a total bad-ass. The crowd went wild with applause. But then he landed wrong. His head snapped back, slammed into the ceiling, and his helmet flew off. And then he plowed into the crowd, mowing down fans.

That’s exactly what happened when the Republicans let Ted Cruz get behind the wheel.

Total disaster, innocent victims, but also funny in a way.

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