Security Concerns

The National Security Agency recently released the following statement:

“The NSA has intercepted a digital photograph with broad implications for national security. The black-and-white image shows what the agency believes to be a low grade missile. The round-shaped warhead on the weapon suggests a possible Iranian origin”.

“The missile appears to be suspended in the air and hidden between a pair of large trees. The size of the trees and the fine nature their moss suggests that the missile is being hidden in an old-growth forest in the Pacific Northwest. Given that the photo is shot directly downward from above, the agency believes that the picture was taken by eco-radicals living in a tree-house”.

“We are taking the highly unusual step of publicizing this threat in order to engage the public’s help in identifying the perpetrators.”

But today the NSA released a corrective follow-up statement:

“The NSA apologizes for what it has determined to be a false threat. Upon further analysis we have determined that the picture is actually a photograph of Anthony Weiner’s dick.”

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One thought on “Security Concerns”

  1. Well, if Anthony Weiner fails to become Mayor of New York City he can always become a porn star. He’s pretty much on his way to that already, anyway.

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