Teaching Parisians Not To Be Rude

By: Moyan Brenn

Paris is launching a campaign encouraging residents to be nicer to tourists as their reputation for being impatient and rude is impacting the tourism trade.  There is a new website that teaches the French what tourists from 11 different countries need in order for their visit to be a happy one.  Some of the highlighted lessons include:

NOT telling the Germans and Japanese that no matter how many years go by they will always be the bad guys

NOT bragging to the English that the Chunnel was built to enter Paris and to exit London–quickly.

And Lastly,

NOT insisting to Americans that all wines from the Unites States taste like old spit.

The tourism industry says “We are confident that our new ‘Be Nice to Tourists’ program will be a huge success and if not, so what — We are French.”

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8 thoughts on “Teaching Parisians Not To Be Rude”

  1. I thought that all women in France go topless on the beach so I went over for, eh, work related stuff and things but it just isn’t true at all. French bastards!

  2. What do they have to be pissed off about. Hell they’ve got their French Fries, French dressing and French kissing. If they continue being nasty to tourists they’ll be French toast! Yes, I went there. Nice one Donna!

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