Doing Shots With The Doc

Doctor: Everything checks out fine Deb. You’re in great shape for your age.

Me: For your age?  Eh, thanks doc.  Anything else or can I hobble out of here on my walker.

Doctor:  Hah, you’re funny! Nope, you’re good to go.  Hey Deb would you like a Shingles shot?

Me: HELL YEAH, doing Shingles shots in the doctor’s office . . . how cool is this!

Nurse: Grabs my left arm and stabs me with a 2-inch needle, then slaps a Scooby Doo band aid on me.

Me: Ouch, I thought a Shingles shot was a new designer drink. Stupid Chicken Pox!

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10 thoughts on “Doing Shots With The Doc”

  1. I keep asking my doctor for a Shingles shot, and can never get one. I guess she’s a teetotaler!

    1. I tell ya’ Kathy, I’d rather do shots of tea than get one of those shots . . . it really hurt. Maybe she was Nurse Maleficent’s sister? 😉

  2. You’re a million percent right Deb. It is a designer drink. If you’re in the market, I know a certain thirsty individual who can hook you up!

    1. Brilliant, eh how much does a case of Shingles shots go for these days and does the thirsty one take travelers checks?

  3. I am more partial to the “liquid” shot! That surely would keep the chicken pox virus in a “happy” mood and too laid back to care!

    1. I totally agree Roberto! A drunken chicken pox is a happy chicken pox

  4. I think you are on to something that would make a visit to the doctor much more enjoyable. I might even go more often, like every Friday.

    “Why yes, I will knock back a shot before that reflex test, and thank you.”
    “Yes, I do have time for a quick shot before that flu shot.”
    “What? A shot of Jack before my digital exam? You betcha!”

    1. You are definitely on to something Forrest, I think they should have mini-bottles in the frig where they store the flu shots.

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