HumorOutcasts Reporting from The 2014 Winter Olympics


Okay, so I’m not really in Russia or at the Olympics.  I’m camped out on my couch eating a bag of Doritos, looking at a big pile of snow that’s so high it would scare the shit out of Shaun White.  Who I might add looks much better with his hair cut, but I digress.

Today in Sochi Winter Olympic athletes are filing complaints about the incomplete conditions of some of their living quarters. One athlete was overheard asking why their rooms hadn’t been cleaned. The Olympic village’s cleaning staff  reported numerous brooms missing. The Russian Curling Team has also filed a formal complaint regarding their so-called new Eco-friendly equipment.  Putin was accused of sweeping these issues under the rug.

Side note: How does one recruit for the Curling teams?

Recruiter: Hey, can you push a broom and walk on ice?

Potential Curler: Uh, yeah sure.

Recruiter: Great, you’re on the team!

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8 thoughts on “HumorOutcasts Reporting from The 2014 Winter Olympics”

  1. To watch the Olympics look outside and see the horse hoof-boarding across the pasture, ooopps he is down at the first slope.

  2. I really don’t want to look into the history of Curling but I really want to find out how the hell it started and how the hell it got into the Olympics and why?

    1. I’m just as befuddled as you Bill. I never thought a guy pushing a broom could win a gold medal.

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