Mars Bombshell: We Are Not Alone

Mars Rover CuriosityThe National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has discovered irrefutable proof that alien life exists on the planet Mars, according to an anonymous source. The evidence was uncovered by the Mars Exploration Rover vehicle Curiosity, and NASA has yet to decide whether to go public with the sensational find.

The Rover vehicle has been touring the Red Planet since August 2012. Earlier this year is was hit by a mechanical problem, and NASA was forced to park the Rover in the Red Zone Crater, a little-known area of the planet. The vehicle remained in the crater for almost a week while NASA fixed the problem.

It was when the agency instructed Curiosity to move that the amazing evidence came to light.

“When the pictures came in we couldn’t believe our eyes,” said the source, “it was unmistakable.”

A parking ticket was affixed to Curiosity’s windscreen.

“We’re still trying to decipher the ticket, but we think it’s a hefty fine,” the source said.

The agency now has to decide whether to release the news before contesting the fine.

“Granted, we were parked in a red zone for a week, but our feeling is that this was a genuine mechanical breakdown and it’s totally unfair to ticket us. Once we find out more about the aliens and make contact with them we’ll appeal.”

Photo: NASA

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