On the subject of birthday presents.

72 beers walked into a bar. They immediately made friends with the clientele. One audience member was our very own Thirsty Dave and I happened to be conversing with him on the subject of birthday presents. Jill Y’s birthday was the next day and I had no idea what to get her. If there was one thing she didn’t like, it was predictability so I had to be creative. As the night went on, the ideas for presents became more bizarre. I thought about getting her two pieces of string and teaching her how to tie knots. I thought about getting her a super-giant TV so I could watch the World Cup. I thought about shaving my beard but that would have been predictable. I found a website that provided unique, one of a kind presents and was just starting to get somewhere when the three worst things that could happen, happened:


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6 thoughts on “On the subject of birthday presents.”

  1. Get her the super-giant TV and give her permanent custody of the remote control.

    That would be a sacrifice that would truly say, “I love you,” because a remote control in the hands of a woman says POWER!

    1. Loving your work here but not sure how I would get to watch the World Cup if Jill Y was in control of the remote!

        1. That’ll get me so far alright but I think the three words that will do it are shoes, shoes and more shoes!

    1. She loves puzzles. She’s just developed a game called “Find the Shoes” and is so good at it!

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