Scientists to Call Time on Global Warming Hoax

hubble gas picThe world scientists who spend most of their time playing practical jokes on humanity have announced that they are bringing down the curtain on their global warming hoax.

“If you look at great shows like Seinfeld they closed when they were at their peak. We are doing the same,” said American scientist Dr. Rhys Banter, a leading hoaxer scientist.

It was Banter who created the moon landing prank back in 1969. “Convincing everyone that we landed on the moon was a classic hoax which got us a lot of laughs,” he said.

A prankster scientist in Indonesia came up with the idea for the genetics ruse: persuading the world that science had unraveled the human genome.

The Hubble Telescope gambit was thought up by Swedish scientists Dr. Lars Ericksson. At first his colleagues were skeptical that the practical joke would work. “Few of us thought we could trick people into believing that a telescope orbiting Earth could look into the farthest reaches of the universe,” laughed the biologist. Scientists have since had endless fun creating images of distant galaxies by photographing various objects such as contact lenses, eyelashes, and even a bow tie.

Still, nothing surpasses the global warming hoax said Banter. “We’ve had a wonderful run fooling everyone that the climate is changing due to global warming, but the ruse is getting a little tired,” he said.

What will their next hoax be? Banter would not say, but hinted that it might have something to do with aliens.

Photo: NASA


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  1. Well, every good hoax must come to an end. Maybe they could do one on Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot? I wouldn’t mind a fun hoax like that. Wait, did they start one of those already?

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