The Recipe for Tasteful Murders: Q & A with Candace C. Bowen

We excerpted Tasteful Murders, a fun and frightening anthology, and this book kicked off our Humor Meets Horror Month on  Since the response was so enthusiastic, we thought we would do a Q & A with the wonderful Candace C. Bowen who co-edited this work with our own Paul De Lancey.


Q. This is such an original idea. How did Tasteful Murders come about?Tasteful Murders

A. Paul is the brains behind the anthology murder events. I’m just along for the fun-filled ride.

Q. How did you choose the writers who would participate? Do they all know how to cook?

A. I cannot speak for Paul, but I pretty much invited everyone on my friends list who I thought would be interested in taking part. I don’t think knowing how to cook is relevant when it comes to a tasteful murder. I can create a few scenarios using a deep fat fryer in a fast food restaurant without too much effort.

Q. If you had to describe the book in one sentence, what would you say?

A. Revenge is a dish best served HOT.

Q. Tell us about the two of you and how you decided to work together.

A. Paul noticed one of my many murderous meme posts on Facebook. He messaged me one day to ask if I would be interested in co-hosting an anthology about murder, revenge in particular. What woman going through a contentious divorce could resist such a tempting offer?

Q. Is there an appetizer or dessert death book on the horizon?

A. Oh, I sure hope so. I can do wonders with a murderous cherries jubilee flambe.

Candace C. Bowen is an award-winning author of full-length romance, horror, suspense, and young adult fiction. Her books can be found wherever books are sold and she can be contacted through her website:



Tasteful Murders can be found on Paul DeLancey

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