Do You Know the Real Bill Y Ledden?

As we announced earlier this month, March is Bill Y Ledden month. Why, you ask? Well, Bill Y has been with HO for more than three years now and has NOT missed a day of posting, and he has a knack for going viral to boot. Okay, one day I thought he missed, but he was just late getting started because of some incident at the pubs. A resident of Ireland, Bill Y brings Irish “luck” our way, a bit of Blarney, some colorful characters and an air of mystery as we really know very little about this man (if he is a man).  Yes, he’s a man. He states emphatically he’s a dude.  Anyway, we have some quizzes for you this month with prizes to the winners.  The quizzes were composed by Bill Y himself.  Of this, you will have no doubt.  The first person to answer all the questions correctly wins…drum roll please… an 8 x 10 glossy of Bill Y?  Oops, no, that’s not correct…an HO mug…yep, that is correct.  I’m still working on the glossy. Okay, are you ready? Put on those thinking caps.


Q) Bill Y likes to practice what he preaches but what the hell does he preach?

1 Hapri Insulation Materials Manufacturing

d) sudo init.d script

4) perennial dual artisanship

d9) Star Wars

Q. 6 + 2 + 2 = 8 which is the exact number of nipples Bill Y would have, if he had an extra 6 nipples but according to Jill Y, why does the sound of bagpipes terrify him? 

x) Because the sound of bagpipes terrify him.

purple) Bagpipes are to music what Jon Jovi is to Justin Bieber

Tractors) Dropbox

d) Star Wars.

Q. Thirsty Dave is is a thirsty individual but what is his favorite beverage?

 () Reading

7) Sheep

?) Poland

=) Star Wars.

Q. Clowns?

U) Transatlantic Trade and investment Partnership

]) Bears with ashes

\) Quibit Correction

§) Star Wars.

Q. Hilary, Hilary, Hilary, Hilary?

%) Trieste Kelly Dunn

u) This is not the right answer

&) Patches

>) Star Wars.

Post your answers in the comment section and  Bill Y will determine who got the most answers correct! I’m sure there is logic to the answers somewhere.    

all employees of HO, human and canine, are not allowed to enter the contest.  That means Frankie, Lulu, Donna and Betsy.


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20 thoughts on “Do You Know the Real Bill Y Ledden?”

  1. Congratulations to Bill Y Ledden, whom we all love and cherish for his unusual wit.

    BTW, if I bribe you with coffee, will you make me the winner? I really need that HO coffee mug to complete my collection.


    1. sudo init.d script, because that is the only thing that will save the world when the Bon Jovi Apocalypse comes
    2. Because the sound of bagpipes terrifies him, and 6+2+2 equals 10, not 8. Just thought I’d mention that.
    3. Thirsty Dave’s favorite beverage is Reading Distilleries Strawberry Flavored Vodka.
    4. Clowns means Star Wars. Did you ever see Jabba the Hutt? Now THAT was a clown!
    5. Hilary, Hilary, … etc. This is not the right answer. The right answer is no, I’m not Hilary, but if you need me to trade places, I’m available.

  2. 1= Hapri Insulation Materials Manufacturing for hyperspace jump
    2= Bagpipes are to music what Jon Jovi is to Justin Bieber Bagpipes are the only sound you can hear in space.
    3= Reading you can read in space but if you knock your beer over it just floats above the floor.
    4= Bears with ashes and big red noses and can be shot out of the airlock.
    5= This is not the right answer, but she can go out with the bears.

  3. Bill Y is and will always be my inspiration to mock everything and anything that needs mocking! With that being said here are my answers:

    1. Bill Y is Darth Vader so my answer is Star Wars

    2. If you re-arranged his nipples they they spell Star Wars

    3. Thirsty Dave is an alien and drinks PBR from a dirty glass at the Star Wars bar and grille

    4. Vader removes his helmet only to reveal a clown face and Bon Jovi haircut – in Star Wars

    5. Bill Y has boldly gone where no man had gone before . . . ooops wrong movie, my answer is STAR WARS!

    CONGRATULATIONS BILL Y for being honored by HO and may the Schwartz Be With You!!

    1. I agree with Deb that the answer to any of Bill Y’s questions is Star Wars, but I don’t necessarily agree with her reasoning. I think Bill would say that Star Wars should be the answer to anything! The implied use of logic was just a trick by Bill.

  4. Congrats, I guess. What I really mean is I hope Donna unchains you from her basement dungeon. What else would explain a daily occurrence more consistent than the sunrise? My answers are: The Magna Carta, The Louisiana Purchase, Luxembourg, The Chicago Cubs, and Bob.

  5. Kudos to you, Bill Y. What tenacity and commitment! The only other person I know who possesses a modicum of that (only 7 months’ worth) is my daily anonymous litterer – the guy who places styrofoam coffee cups and occasional garbage on my parking lot – through snow, rain, sleet – the moment I leave the house. Hmmm, it’s 7 months or so since I started with Bill, are you sure you live in Ireland?

  6. Bill, Please do not give Bill Y any ideas! God knows what a year-long Bill Y fest would bring!:) At the end of the day, we will announce our winner!

  7. First, Bill Y, allow me to congratulate you on this eminently deserved honor, and let me say I don’t think one month is enough: 2015 should be Bill Y YEAR. Your posts are always hilarious. I have especially loved the recent ones of the Storm Trooper car, Elijah Woods and Macaulay Culkin, Love is the Strongest Force in the World, and the Four F’s. I’m grateful that you’re drawing so many viewers to the HO site, some of whom may then read my own text-heavy posts. But please don’t let my tremendous admiration for your work influence your choice of winner in this contest. Truly, the quiz itself is so funny that I already feel like I’ve won even if I don’t receive a coffee mug. Although I do NEED a coffee mug since I accidentally broke mine a few mornings ago while laughing so hard at the pizza-stealing dog post. I currently have to sip hot coffee from my cupped left hand. But please don’t let my desperate need for the contest prize influence your decision. Here are my answers:
    Dutch Gold (as proven by your post of 12-26-14
    Qubit (the correction of “Quibit”–no “i” after the “u”)

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