The Doctor Knows Best.

Like most dudes, Bill Y goes for a check-up every 14 years. When you exist entirely on Bon Jovi hatred, trying to figure out how magnets work and Star Wars fanaticism, it’s not really a surprise when the doctor tells you that you need to radically change your lifestyle. In a move as rare as Thirsty Dave at a juice bar, I took my doctor’s advice:


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8 thoughts on “The Doctor Knows Best.”

  1. Did you know that greens are even healthier when they are mixed with little bits of brown chocolate? Chocolate has been scientifically proven to be good for you, physically and mentally. Greens are healthy. Therefore, green chocolate chip cookies are doubly healthy.

    If the green color comes from pistachio nuts, which are also healthy, the cookies are triple healthy.

    In addition, everybody knows that calories don’t count when the food in question is small. Cookies are small. 0 x 0 = 0. Therefore, there are no calories in green chocolate chip cookies.

    1. I’m adding this to my “Kathy’s Points To Remember” folder. That way I’ll remember it!

    1. He actually wrote it down but I darn-tootin’ couldn’t understand the writing!

    1. I think this just proves that it’s good to visit the doctor every 14 years!

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