Friday Humor Devotional

Awkward Boob Stare
Awkward Boob Stare

Dear Lord, please forgive me for my selfish celebration this glorious Friday.  When Donald Trump allowed a woman to come on stage to test the authenticity of his mangy locks, it happily confirmed the financial growth of my Super Glue stock, Amen.


Deb Martin-Webster is the author of western romance series, Love, Montana and Always, Montana published by  HO Press and Shorehouse Books.



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13 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. Thanks Mary! With the stock market taking a bit of a hit this week I’m happy to know both Hair Club For Men and Super Glue stocks remain stable, thanks to The Donald and William Shatner! 😉

    1. Thanks Bill Y! And the development of my new GOP product. . . Chap Stick laden with Super Glue. Guaranteed to keep their mouths shut. I feel my stock rising as I type!! ;

  1. His bad combover and/or Superglued toupees are Donald Trump’s best qualifications for the job of President of the United States. I fear for the future of this country.

    1. Kathy, lets not forget that his one good quality . . . eh, hmmm, ah? Never mind.

    1. “Fake sign,fake hair and artificial intelligence! He’s got my vote”, said no one. 😉

    1. . . . I can fix it Bill with super glue! Hey Donald can I borrow some of yours?

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