Knock, Knock . . . Who’s (Not) There?

Being married to a Brit has its ups and downs.  They can be very touchy about the Fourth of July.  They, for obvious reasons, are a bit stern about their loss and wish not to be reminded of it, unless you’re married to an American humor writer – such as me.  Then it’s an opportunity for me to poke fun.

Me: Hey Pete, knock, knock.

Pete: [most agitated]  . . . who’s there?

Me: Nobody. It’s the Fourth of July. You’ve lost the war and already sailed home!

Pete:  . . .

Me: . . .

Me: Want a hot dog?

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10 thoughts on “Knock, Knock . . . Who’s (Not) There?”

  1. Oh, the Brits are getting us back. Have you noticed the number of Brits who portray Americans on TV? Apparently, they can play us better than we play ourselves. (I’m married to one, too)

    1. Yep Suzette, they are infiltrating on the, “one-Brit-in-the-USA-at-a-time” program while whistling, I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy! Married to a Brit too? You feel my pain, but I wouldn’t trade him for all the tea in the harbor, lol!

    1. Ah yes Bill Y! And it should read, “We Won and You Speak Funny.” 😉

      1. Brits think that we’re the ones who speak funny.

        The revolution will go on!!

    1. LOL no but I constantly remind him that Brits consider salt a gourmet spice. 😉

  2. Just don’t sing “The Battle of New Orleans” to him. You know, the one that goes, “We fired our guns and the British kept-a-comin’. There wasn’t quite as many as there was a while ago…”

    I guarantee he won’t appreciate that one. 😉

    1. I don’t know Kathy, I’ve ridiculed him to the point he’s singing, “Oh Canada.” 😉

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