Friday Humor Devotional

lawn_chairDear Lord, please if ever there was a time I needed your divine forgiveness it’s now.  I asked my flea market buddy to keep an eye on my elderly grandma while I used the restroom.  When I returned she was gone.  Being in such a rush I realized I’d forgotten to remove the “Free to Good Home” sign off the back of  the chair she was sitting in.  Keep the chair but please return Grandma, she left her teeth in the cup holder of my car. Amen. 





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3 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. After thinking this over and studying all the clues, I have come to the following conclusion. Grandma ran off with your flea market buddy and they stole the chair.

    I think you’ll find them in the next flea market, a couple of towns over, where they will be trying to fence the chair.

  2. “Yes, officer, this very lounge chair is where the granny napping occurred.”

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