Lessons from Jeff Foxworthy University……

As we endure yet another graduation season, as well as all the talk of Trump University, I thought I would give a nod to one of my unwitting, but yet so witty teachers of mine, Jeff Foxworthy. I never actually signed up for his class, but I could learn all I wanted from TV in the olden days, and now YouTube. The tuition is so much less than what I’m hearing about Trump University. Plus, I’m pretty sure, I’m supposed to be laughing during class, which is a strict no-no at TU. Yes, I’m a big fan of FU, so I thought I’d share my first assignment with you.

“You might be a Caregiver……”

  1. If you know Medicare’s phone number and website without Googling….You might be a Caregiver….
  2. If your search for an Assisted Living Community for your Mom starts to look like a nice vacation spot for you and your spouse….You might be a Caregiver
  3. If you cancel your dentist appointment to attend Ice Cream Social Wednesday at your Dad’s nursing home, because you want the ice cream….You might be a Caregiver
  4. If you know your parents’ Medicare number, AARP number, United Healthcare number but not your own cell phone number…You might be a Caregiver
  5. If you feel the need to correct WebMD about all the missed additional symptoms of a urinary tract infection….You might be a Caregiver
  6. If your iPhone calendar has words on it like ‘catheters’, ‘hearing aid’, ‘urologist’, or ‘dentures’…..You might be a Caregiver
  7. If going to the Emergency Room is like Cheers where they know your first name and how you take your coffee…..You might be a Caregiver
  8. If you took the black Sharpie to your husband’s underwear to mark it for the wash instead of your Mom’s for the nursing home…..You might be a Caregiver
  9. If you’ve had more knock-down, drag-out fights with Insurance Companies, Hospitals and Doctor’s office than Muhammad Ali…..You might be a Caregiver
  10. If everyone around you thinks you are speaking in tongues because you are constantly saying, PT, OT, UTI, or DME….You might be a Caregiver

And this is only the beginning, my friends. After all, I’ve been assured there’s a whole career ahead of me with my FU degree.

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Cathy is the author of Showering with Nana: Confessions of a Serial Caregiver

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8 thoughts on “Lessons from Jeff Foxworthy University……”

  1. Thank god I didn’t hear talk of Trump University. With a bit of luck, it will be hair today, gone tomorrow.

  2. … if an evening alone at home with your spouse with no obligations is a “date night” …

    1. See that’s exactly it…there’s nothing wrong with nursing home ice cream, which is why I schedule my Wednesday’s around the social. And it’s free-free for visitors!!!

  3. . . . if you’ve ever wished you had an Ativan prescription for YOURSELF.

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