Micropigs and Einstein’s Eyeballs: What I Learned From Magazines This Week.

It is the one year anniversary of Our Bodies, Our Shelves by humorist and Librarian Roz Warren.  Released on National Librarian Day last year, the book earned so much support from this brave community that deals with all types of people on a daily basis.  Some more fun today to  commemorate the book and, of course, this year’s National Librarian Day which is April 12th. – HOPress

Reading magazines this week, I learned that:

The average German owns 10,000 objects.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are in a jar in a safe-deposit box.
(Time, 4/11/16)

By: QuotesEverlasting

Senator Lindsey Graham has said that having to choose between Trump and Cruz is like trying to decide between being shot and being poisoned.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Online porn is becoming de facto sex ed for many young people.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Self-driving cars could reduce traffic accidents by up to 90 percent.
(Rolling Stone, 3/24/16)

Self-driving cars “will replace the romance of the open road with the romance of riding around in what amounts to a big iPhone.”
(Rolling Stone,3/24/16)

Genome-sequencing company BGI plans to sell micro pigs, which are pigs who are the size of Corgis because their growth-hormone genes have been deleted.)
(Departures, 1/16)

Maple syrup could help prevent Alzheimer’s.
(New York, 3/21/16)

The Who’s Roger Daltrey, 72, identifies not as a senior citizen but as a “wise wonderful wanker.”
(Rolling Stone, 3/24/16)

There are 105 self-driving cars registered in California. Seventy-three of them belong to Google.
(Rolling Stone, 3/24/16)

Feeling valued by a spouse is the most consistent predictor of how happy people are in their marriages.
(Prevention, 3/16)

Roz Warren (www.Rosalindwarren.com) is the author of OUR BODIES, OUR SHELVES, A COLLECTION OF LIBRARY HUMOR http://ow.ly/LpFgE

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