Federal Covert Weight Reduction Program

I recently saw a news item about the airline industry.

According to the report, airlines are again looking for ways to fit more passengers into their airplanes

Evidently, they have cut back on the number of flights that are available due to rising fuel costs and other reasons but in order to maintain (or regain) profitability, they need to fit more passengers into the airplanes.

The report reminded me of a cartoon I had done many years ago:

But then I got to thinking about this situation and I have to wonder if this isn’t a government program to improve the health of our population?

We know statistically we are a very overweight (may I say obese) society here in the US and the government has a number of overt programs to attempt to address the issue.

This could be a covert program to entice people to lose weight! If you want to fly you have to be able to fit in a seat. If the seat space is smaller then you are forced to lose weight in order to do so!

What a wonderful program! It’s a win-win. The government is forwarding its cause and the airlines are making more money.

Isn’t commercialism wonderful!

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