Ten Things That Annoyed Me This Week

Ten Things That Annoyed Me This Week:


2. Hurricanes

3. The marketing company that called me and offered me a free trip to the Caribbean (Yea…I think I’ll pass)

4. The Hallmark Channel announcing that they will start airing Christmas movies the week of Halloween

5. Trump

6. Not Winning either Mega Millions or the Power Ball ( I was sure it was my week)

7. Equifax (They judge other people’s credit but their credit is worth nothing)

8. The person who kept throwing their dog poop bag in my cleaning out dumpster (Just rude!)

9. The old woman who almost hit us head on when she went Northbound on the Southbound lanes of the PA turnpike yesterday (Thank you to PA State Troopers for handling the situation so quickly)

And did I mention —

10. Trump

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10 thoughts on “Ten Things That Annoyed Me This Week”

  1. I’m a friend of Viv’s (Vivian Cummings), and when she posted this I popped over to see. Then, come to find out we are neighbors (in the same state). And we happen to be annoyed by many of the same things. Nice to meet you!

  2. Did you see the photo of General Kelly at the U.N.? It says it all! I could make a list with 20 more but, who wants to see the idiots name that many times?

    1. I did have to restrain myself too! LOL I couldn’t even address the UN stuff or the new healthcare push because then I would have to swear and I’m trying to cut that out. 🙂

  3. It’s a tragedy how much damage a huge swirling bag of wind can cause to people’s lives.

    And hurricanes are no fun either.

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