When Life Hands You Bananas, Make Popsicles

Consider the following:

A. I like bananas.

B. I don’t like them well enough to eat 3 or 4 of them each day.

C. I am a single person, living alone.

D. The online shopping site Peapod would only sell the bananas I wanted in bunches of at least 5. The one they sent me had 7 bananas in it.

If you got all that, you know that trouble was not far off.

The bananas were all green, so I left them out to ripen. Bananas are independent. They ripen at their own pace, either slower or faster than we want them to ripen. Once they ripen, they don’t stop until they become too mushy to peel, usually in a day or two. It’s their way of taking revenge on us for taking them away from home on that banana tree in some tropical paradise.

The latest scientific findings say that it is not only okay to refrigerate ripe bananas, it is helpful. I was raised, however, in the old school of banana maintenance, which taught us never to put bananas in the refrigerator. Besides, I tried that once and it didn’t work much better than just leaving them out to rot in their own time.

Every day, I ate one banana and watched helplessly while those left in the bunch sprouted more and more telltale brown spots.

I knew I had to act. I had paid for 7 bananas, and the 4 that were left were NOT going to go into the garbage. I peeled the remaining fruit one at a time, zipped them into sandwich bags and put them in the freezer.

When summer comes, I will have bananasicles.

Who said good housekeeping is a dead art?

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  1. Chef Paul told me that the easiest way to make a banana split, is to cut it in half.

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