Big Medical Words, or: Holy Bovine, What’s Wrong With Me?

Well, bad news on the medical front, as I went to the doctor Wednesday and was diagnosed with bilateral Eustachian salpingitis, which has effected my balance and hearing a little. He gave me a shot of Kenalog–which was a butt load of fun–and started me on antibiotics, and has high hopes that I’ll recover.

(Just to be clear, the doctor’s name is not Wednesday–that’s the day I saw him.)

It’s related to my biannual sinusitis, which is itself worsened by rhinitis. I haven’t gotten the sinusitis nearly as often since my sinus surgery, but when I do get it, I get it good. By which I mean bad. By which I mean last week was kind of awful.

You remember my sinus surgery, right? This is the dog taking care of me afterward. For some reason, at that moment I was having difficulty breathing.

If I don’t make it, auction off my Johnny West action figure to support my wife..

Anyway, happy Easter! And no, if you’re thinking it, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke: I really do have bilateral Eustachian salpingitis.


It means pressure on my eardrums.

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6 thoughts on “Big Medical Words, or: Holy Bovine, What’s Wrong With Me?”

    1. I realize we should all be open to new experiences, but I’ve never actually considered shaving my groin. Maybe it’s a lack of imagination.

  1. It could be worse. A woman I knew needed to have surgery for a deviated septum. She went to the hospital and an orderly came into the room with the wrong chart and said “I’m here to shave your groin.”

    1. Well, at least they knew they were looking for a cavity of some kind!

      They thought I had a deviated septum, but on closer examination it turned out my nose had been broken at some point in the past. How do I not remember something like that?

    1. Well, it’s no coincidence that I posted it that day–the twist being that the story’s actually true, right down to the terms.
      But I’d rather it wasn’t!

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