From Bacon To Meth: The World’s Weirdest Bookmarks

When you work in a library, you soon learn that patrons can make use of some rather unlikely things to mark their places as they read, which they’ll often forget to remove when the books come back. For instance? Here’s a list of “book marks” librarians have recently found tucked into returned library material:





Chunk of cat hair.

Deed to a cemetary plot

Slice of bacon

Squirrel tail

Colonoscopy photo

Bag of meth

Nude pics of a patron (We all recognized him!)


Slice of cheese

Razor blade


Toenail clippings

Corn cob



85 year old tram ticket

KKK propaganda pamphlets



Credit Card

Used Q Tip

Cheese Quesadilla

Half-eaten slice of pizza inside a blown-up condom.

I wonder what the story behind that last  combo was. On second thought — I probably don’t want to know. In any event, the next time you return your books to the library? Make sure you take the squirrel tail out first. But you can leave the cash. Better yet? Use a large check payable to the library for a book mark, and leave it in the book when it comes back. We can always use the funding.

(Roz Warren is the curator of the Library Laughs Facebook Page and author of OUR BODIES, OUR SHELVES: A COLLECTION OF LIBRARY HUMOR









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