I Found The Fountain of Youth


Wanted: New Music Delivery System for Fountain of Youth

In my twenties, which was in the eighties, I played cassettes and made mix tapes.  In my thirties, which was in the nineties, I played cd’s and burned my favorite tunes onto them.  Then when I was in my forties, and we hit a whole new century, I started to transition to digital music when I could download my favorites of yesteryear.  Now that I’m in my fifties and we’re in the teens, I keep wondering how my numbers keeping going up and I keep getting older, while the years hit one hundred and got a do-over. How come the years get to be in their teens, but I’m getting closer and closer to sixty?  I think that the solution is that someone needs to invent a new way for us to play our music because maybe then, the years will start going up and my age will start going down.

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