“In the zone”

Being a shameless promoter of running and of my latest publication “Running Log”; all of my contacts know my passion, for better or worse and, as such, are always willing to mention their association with running, not necessarily as a runner but with people they know who are runners.

It is a great marketing outlet for my book and my running blog and I really do appreciate their support since it’s free advertising. (On the other hand, in order to be equitable, I do promote their business so it’s not completely one-sided).

I did have an interesting conversation with a non runner who I had sold a book to recently who then passed it along as a present to a runner they knew.  I was told that the runner in question also runs along one of the trails I run on a regular basis.

The comment to me was “I’ll tell him to look you up when he is out running”. Well, that’s very thoughtful and certainly well meaning but the fact of the matter is that I would probably never notice him.

Why, you ask? Well probably because, once I’ve gotten loose and warmed up, I’m “in the zone”. You’ve probably heard the phrase before while watching other sports. That pitcher is really “in the zone” or that quarterback is “in the zone” or that goalie is “in the zone”. Same with me when I’m running only my mind is thinking about something else besides running so I’m usually only barely cognizant of my surroundings. If someone passes me I usually only see them at the last minute.

It’s kind of like the lines from Neil Young’s song “Heart of Gold”.

          “I’ve been in my mind,

          It’s such a fine wine”

So if you happen to see me out running please don’t feel offended if I don’t stop and say hello. I’m just enjoying my “fine wine”.

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