Things only runners understand

If you are new at running or hang around with runners you’ll hear and see things that a “normal” person wouldn’t necessarily understand so in the spirit of good fellowship to the hoi polloi, I offer the following.

When you hear a runner tell their running partner, spouse or significant other that they are going to “run around for a bit” it doesn’t mean what you think it means. All it means is that they are just going out for their daily run around the neighborhood, the track or their favorite trail. Nothing sinister or unfaithful is going on.

When two runners are talking and you hear the words “ten K and and a half” don’t be confused. All they are talking about is an upcoming race series and they are discussing about whether or not to run the 10 K race or the half marathon race. If you are confused, just ask them and they will be happy to tell you, just be prepared for a long dissertation.

If a runner is explaining to you that they have an IT band problem don’t try to send them to your tech support person, that’s no help. You are better off recommending they see a doctor since the IT band refers to the Iliotibial band ligament and can become inflamed and very sore. Not a problem with their computer but don’t be surprised when you find out they are very upset. They won’t be running for awhile so expect them to be a little “out of sorts” for a while. Best to avoid them.

When you see your local neighborhood runner running around the block a couple of times prior to going into their house don’t be alarmed, even though they seem to be running around in circles, they are just getting an even number of miles run on their GPS. God forbid that they should ever stop short of an even number!

Don’t be offended when your running buddies blows you off on Friday evening when you’re off to a party and they tell you they have to go to bed early. It’s nothing personal since they have to get up early for a race or their Saturday long run. While you are nursing your hangover, they are basking in the euphoria of a runners “high”. I’m sure they feel much better than you do.

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