Computer Games for Cheap People

The Means Used to Play Games
Computer games are the detours in the highway of life. They are a pleasant way to waste your life while avoiding any of the more productive activities. There is always the excuse that they sharpen your brainpower, but I could find no evidence of that on the Internet, and I can’t prove it. It’s my story, though, and I’m sticking to it.

I’m not talking about fancy games like Minecraft or Age of Empires. I’m talking about the ones you don’t have to pay for, like Klondike Solitaire or Mah Jong or those addictive little word games. I’m cheap. I won’t play any game on my PC that’s going to cost me money. I want my time squandering fun to come to me for nothing.

Of course, I am fully aware while playing these games that I could be doing other things. The floor of my apartment plays host to a lot of cat hair, and I could take a Swiffer duster to it. Those dishes in the sink won’t wash themselves. And oh yes, there are always humor pieces waiting for me to write them. I know all this, yet I find it easy to turn my computer to a game of Word Search or Mah Jong and fritter away the minutes.

I shouldn’t brag about this. I shouldn’t even mention it. But I have reached Level 155 in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection’s Classic Solitaire game. This makes me a Grandmaster 5, I think. I didn’t achieve this distinction by refusing to waste time playing the game. The problem is, I have not reached the same level of excellence in any of my other endeavors lately. This should be telling me something, but it isn’t. If computer games do sharpen your brainpower, I should be well on my way to becoming a genius.

I would love to continue with this little essay, but there is a game of Word Search waiting for me.

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11 thoughts on “Computer Games for Cheap People”

  1. Doing what makes you happy increases the happiness in the world—and that is no small feat, Grandmaster Kathy.

  2. There is a thread of truth in this essay. It does inspire other writings and it is not a waste of tine. I like WordSearch.

  3. There is a thread of truth in this essay. It does inspire other writings and it is not a waste of tine. It increases your own creativity to take different challenges. I like WordSearch.

  4. Cleverly written. It speaks to my Scramble addiction. While knowing that waste of time is involved, it is still tempting. Maybe it is the praise they sometimes bestow on you, a not so common experience in real life.

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