Pabst; Miller; Schlitz; Hamm’s; Michelob; Ballantine; Iron City; Schaeffer; Rheingold; Blatz; Falstaff; Piel’s; Black Label; Coors; Lowenbrau; Knickerbocker; Grain Belt; Stroh’s; Olympia; Rainier; Genessee Cream Ale; Lone Star; Pearl; Shiner; Schmidt’s; Rolling Rock; Yuengling; Straub; Old Milwuakee; Milwaukee’s Best; Heileman’s Old Style; Berghoff; Leinenkugel; Point Special; Narragansett; Dixie; National Bohemian; Meister Brau; Utica Club; Billy Beer; Schmidt; Stag; Lucky Lager; Weideman; Hofbrau; Bartel’s; Ortlieb’s; Buckeye; and Olde Frothingslosh.

I’m not sure if this actually happened. I think it did. Would I swear on Bon Jovi’s life that it happened? Well, yes I would. Scurvy Jane and Thirsty Dave used to be a couple […]

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