Donald Trump’s Really Big Announcement

Donald Trump says he has REALLY BIG news about Barack Obama that he will release via Twitter on Wednesday.  The real estate tycoon told FOX News that they will definitely be talking about the  major announcement and it could impact the election.

Political experts have narrowed down Trump’s stunning revelation to three possibilities:   1) Trump will admit that Obama is a citizen since he has taken geography lessons and has learned Hawaii is indeed a state.  2) Although Obama didn’t tie his dog to the top of his station wagon while travelling on vacation, he did tie Donald Trump to the top of his station wagon and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump’s hair, much like his candidate Romney’s hair, is cemented to his head and does not move in the wind.  And 3)  No matter how it turns out, Obama will never be asked to be a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

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7 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Really Big Announcement”

  1. At family reunions Trump is like the cousin that everyone looks at and comments “he ain’t right or “he’s a sandwich short of a picnic”.

  2. If Donald Trump didn’t have a lot of money he’d just be one more ugly looking middle-aged narcissist.

  3. He finally figured out what POTUS meant when his twitter friends tweeted, “You’ll NEVER be the POTUS.”

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