So, was it good for you?

Here I sit all broken hearted, paid a penny and only . . . oooooops, wrong story.   The Brits on here will know what that means. Right, now where was I, oh yes 9:30pm and time to go join the wife and sleep.  It’s now 9:40pm and it starts, yes oh yes that’s it noooo missed it . . . damn, try that one again . . . damn it missed it on the first shot, oooooh that’s better, two down one more to go, come on please get it right pleeeease hit that spot, just right . . . YES, YES, that was perfect!  Now try a new one, wow that was a great shot two on the first try, brilliant!  Just how long can this go on?  I don’t mind one or two goes but it is now 1:00am nearly four hours this is getting bloody ridicules. Why oh why did I ever buy her that BLOODY Kindle Fire, let alone let her down load ANGRY BLOODY BIRDS! It is going to be a long hard day at work, think I will take that thing with me and leave it in my locker. There is an upside to all this, the trouble and strife is too busy to nag at me for watching NCIS all night, me thinks that I will let her keep on playing.


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